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The Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau’s principal vocation is to put on temporary exhibitions, both within its own premises and in other locations. Its initial task is not therefore to conserve a collection (Doisneau’s oeuvre is, for example, kept and managed by l’Atelier Robert Doisneau However its annual events programme has gradually led to the creation of two collections.


The Maison Doisneau conserves the entirety of those prints selected and exhibited as part of the Photographie à l’École (Photography at school)project. Each new edition of this educational programme adds to an atypical collection of images produced by primary school pupils. Today the collection comprises several hundred gelatin silver and digital prints that have been produced since the launch of this activity in 2001. The images are organized according to each project’s theme, and the collection is available to loan for exhibitions.




On behalf of the Gentilly municipality, the Maison Doisneau conserves the collection of photographic prints that is part of the municipal contemporary art collection (FMAC). It brings together a selection of works previously exhibited at the Maison Doisneau and acquired from the artists in question. The collection contains gelatin silver prints by Jane Evelyn Atwood, Gérald Assouline, Serge Clément, Bernard Descamps, Claude Dityvon, François Fontaine, Hervé Gloaguen, Lucien Hervé and Eve Morcrette, etc.  

In all, the FMAC Gentilly collection contains more than one hundred and sixty works of different types, mainly purchased by the municipality, but also received by donation. From watercolours to monumental sculptures, these works of art can be seen in different parts of the town: in the park, town hall, health centre, multimedia library and internet centre, but mainly in those administrative buildings which are open to the public. Thanks to their presence, the town’s inhabitants are in constant contact with art as they go about their daily life.

Every year, new pieces are added to the municipal contemporary art collection.