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Maison Doisneau

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A location - a house

A geographic sector - the Parisian suburbs

An art movement - humanist photography

And Robert Doisneau, the most famous representative of this 20th century French photographic genre, who was born in this municipality bordering Paris and gave his name... The sum of these parts constitutes the Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau. Since it opened in 1996, the Maison Doisneau has held numerous temporary exhibitions. It does not house its namesake’s body of work(Robert Doisneau’s work is managed by l’Atelier Robert Doisneau,, but pays tribute to Robert Doisneau by exploring both the history of humanist photography and its current practice, looking beyond national borders, and giving preference to those photographers with a keen eye for observing life and documentary practices.

Every year, 4 monographic or thematic exhibitions are organized, presenting works from historical collections, by contemporary photographers, or from professional and amateur archives. Its programme of events also includes Photographie à l’École (“Photography at school”), a stunning exhibition of photos taken by children as part of our educational outreach activities. At the Maison Doisneau you can discover and share photographic culture; you can look and see in a different way. It proposes a wide programme of visits, educational activities and workshops for various publics (individual visitors, families, school groups, community centres, disabled people, etc).

The Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau is owned and operated by L’Établissement  Public Territorial Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre.

It receives the support of the Conseil Général du Val-de-Marne.