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Pascal Bastien

Belle lurette

From june 15th to september 22nd 2019

Lying on the grass in summer, looking at the sky above and catching the scent of the spirit of the times and then, from time to time, glancing left and right and realising that everything has been here under our very eyes for a really long time. The world reveals itself to he who observes, to someone who simply knows how to take the time to put their gaze “on pause”. Pascal Bastien is an adult who has preserved a child’s natural curiosity and the pleasure that comes with simply looking and having fun with photography. His is a happy world, both gentle and gently crazy. “Don’t worry” he tells us with his images: don’t worry about the dentist’s appointment, don’t worry if your suit looks too new or too flashy and doesn’t fit properly, don’t worry if your socks have got holes, don’t worry if you spill the coffee and don’t worry either if the photo that captures all of this is a bit blurred - on the contrary. ‘It’s actually quite funny and touching’, is what he is probably saying to himself as he bends over his 6 x 6 camera. The antidote to gravity can be found simply by letting your mind wander free; it lies in that moment when fortune smiles and when you know that it is the right moment to casually pick up the camera.

Pascal Bastien lives and works in Strasbourg. When he is not working as a photojournalist, he adds to his personal body of work, “an intimate journey during which there are no events nor anecdotes, only images stolen from the magic of everyday life, images that create a dialogue, a story made up of facts, dreams and memories”. This exhibition presents Pascal’s personal work.


Datsun 510. Mystra, Greece, july 2017
© Pascal Bastien



Candia, Greece, july 2017
© Pascal Bastien