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On n'est pas des robots

Ouvrières et ouvriers de la logiqtique

Cécile Cuny, Nathalie Mohadjer, Hortense Soichet

From february 21st to april 19th 2020

The term logistics describes the activity of organising the storage and transport of raw materials, industrial components and manufactured goods from their place of production to the customer. The image we have of just in time logistics and the possibility of managing the entire process digitally gives the impression of a continuous, self-regulating flow of goods, however the warehouse is an obligatory stopping point in a system that controls, stocks, degroups, prepares and then dispatches goods towards their final destination. The various activities are carried out by sorters, fork-lift truck drivers, receivers and dispatchers and other warehouse workers, including pickers and packers. These professions represent 13 % of blue-collar jobs in France and 17 % in Germany and are mainly located in logistics parks on the outskirts of large agglomerations.


Cécile Cuny / Worklog
Emmy-Noether-Strasse, côté pair. Observatoire photographique de la zone d’activités GVZ-Kassel. juillet 2017.


Hortense Soichet / Worklog.
Itinéraire avec Weheb, région orléanaise, 2018


Nathalie Mohadjer / Worklog
Zone Industrielle Dietzenbach Nord, Allemagne 2017